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Why do some deals fail to generate the expected value?

Companies report that almost half of their deals fail to generate the expected value or return on investment. While people often blame outside factors, such as market or sector forces, the failure is largely due to gaps in integration execution. A 2019 Deloitte survey found that both corporate and private equity respondents continue to rank effective integration as the single most important factor that leads to a successful transaction.

V&R Integration Team

V&R brings a rigorous approach to your company’s M&A activity pre-, during, and post-integration. We effectively execute current integrations while building a durable infrastructure for future M&A activity. Our team performs a systematic assessment of integration gaps and then executes a prioritized list of changes in partnership with employees throughout your company. Engagement from leadership to the frontline is critical for sustainability. Achieve the expected value from your M&A activity in partnership with the V&R Integration Team.

In addition to our M&A Integration Team, V&R offers M&A advisory services including strategic and tactical advice for companies, financial sponsors and family offices, as well as negotiation assistance and other transaction-related topics. Without professional representation, the typical business owner is facing a daunting task. The first hurdle is determining what the business is worth, then creating documentation to support that, and finally finding buyers willing to meet their value expectations. Professional buyers indicate that V&R clients have a much more realistic idea of their businesses’ values because they have spent time committed to substantive evaluation with a respected M&A advisory firm.

CM&AA® is an advanced credential that represents the highest recognized standards of professional excellence for middle market corporate finance, advisory, and transaction service professionals. Vlasic & Roth LLC Partners are actively CM&AA® credentialed and adhere to the CM&AA® Standards of Ethical Conduct. We emphasize competence, confidentiality, integrity, objectivity and client service.

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