Make Change a Positive Experience™

Healthcare Operations

Clinical & Administrative Performance Improvement

Quality & Safety Initiatives

  • Assessment of Quality and Patient Safety Programs
  • Applied Implementation Science Workshops
  • Provider Education and Engagement Solutions
  • Performance Measurement and Improvement Initiatives
  • Implementation Support and Training

Healthcare Analytics & Intelligence Solutions

  • Health Data Management
  • Quality Data – Analysis, Collection and Reporting Solutions
  • Data Cleaning and Visualization

Value-Based Care Solutions

Value-Based Care Strategy
Value-Based IT Infrastructure
Population Health Management - Platform Selection & Integration
Provider Network Performance Management

Leadership & Board Advisory

Leadership Evaluation and Development
Change Management - Align People, Process and Technology
Assessment and Transformation - Culture of Excellence

Strategy & Innovation

Healthcare Strategy & Innovation Development

Collaborative and Systematic Processes to Help Organizations Stabilize
Business Operations and Create Future Growth

Connected Health Solutions

Telehealth – Implement Telehealth Technologies to Transform Care Delivery

  • Virtual Provider Encounters
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Mobile Health & Education
Interoperability Solutions

Identify, Integrate and Optimize Technology to Exchange Health Data that Transforms Care Delivery and Creates a Competitive Advantage

Technology Infrastructure

Strategic IT Planning, Vendor Management, Merger and Acquisition Review, Implementation and Optimization Solutions

Learning Management Systems

Map Training Goals, Correlate Goals with Necessary LMS Features, Select and Implement a Sustainable Solution

V&R Healthcare Team

Manage for Results

Successfully adopt newer models of care to thrive under a range of payment contracts
Understand and implement contemporary performance improvement methods, measuring and improving performance with process metrics
Leverage data and analytics to maximize impact and resource utilization
Bring transparency to costs, barriers, and silos throughout systems of care
Learn new behaviors and workflows to succeed in a competitive healthcare environment

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