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M&A Integration - The Primary Value Driver

Why do most deals fail to deliver their expected value? What is required to successfully execute your M&A strategy? What is V&R’s approach? View our slides (for the best experience,

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Spectrum Health Readmissions Summit

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - V&R Partners Jeffrey Vlasic MD and Michael Roth presented at the Spectrum Health Readmissions Summit. V&R delivered a presentation about the importance of adopting a

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Contemporary Technology Infrastructure

"Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler." - Einstein This week, the Vlasic & Roth LLC leadership team will be presenting our take on the incredible opportunities for

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Technical Considerations for Growing Companies

What technical considerations must be strategically managed for an enterprise that anticipates significant growth? The Vlasic & Roth LLC team and affiliated entities are well qualified to

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