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About Vlasic & Roth LLC

What are the key drivers of our client satisfaction?

  • Involve the entire leadership team
  • Proactively communicate expected impacts and client return on investment
  • Deliver intermediate milestones throughout the engagement timeline
  • Drive the process as the “Most Valued Advisor”
  • Collaborate freely inside and outside
  • Employ a disciplined, methodical, consistent, and prioritized approach
  • Value integrity, impartiality, and service above all else
  • Serve as a “Complete Resource” to our clients by responsibly leveraging our network to provide value added relationships
Jeffrey Vlasic MD

Jeff is a leader in healthcare transformation, change management & applied implementation science. He is credentialed as a Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor (CM&AA®). Prior to becoming Managing Partner at V&R, he worked as an Emergency Medicine physician at Michigan Medicine and Hurley Medical Center. Jeff leads the Healthcare Performance Improvement Team at V&R, which currently serves hospitals, health systems, vendors, payers, non-profits, and middle-market businesses throughout the Midwest. Jeff is a member of Vlasic Investments, a private investment company with holdings in a wide variety of asset classes.

Michael Roth

Mike is an entrepreneur and advisor with 25 years of experience in business operations, technology implementations, and management of high-performance teams. His experience has regularly included board and P&L accountability. Mike is credentialed as a Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor (CM&AA®), an Executive Coach, and a Technology Infrastructure Expert. Prior to V&R, Mike served as a leader of multiple information technology organizations with a 20+ year record of successfully integrating business units, mitigating crises, and leading large-scale transformation initiatives. A highly trained aviator, Mike leverages his Airline Transport Pilot License and SR22 airplane to regularly visit V&R clients.

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