February 4, 2019 3:16PM

Spectrum Health Readmissions Summit

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – V&R Partners Jeffrey Vlasic MD and Michael Roth presented at the Spectrum Health Readmissions Summit. V&R delivered a presentation about the importance of adopting a systematic approach to the implementation of performance improvement interventions.

Highlights from the talk include:

  • While the need for systematic performance improvement (PI) initiatives in healthcare organizations is well recognized, significant barriers exist to their effective implementation.
  • Why? People are not passive recipients of changes. Rather, they seek innovations, experiment with them, evaluate them, find (or fail to find) meaning in them, develop feelings (positive or negative) about them, challenge them, worry about them, complain about them, ‘work around’ them, gain experience with them, modify them to fit particular tasks, and try to improve or redesign them— often through dialogue with other users.
  • If we start with our mantra, that behavior change is the final common pathway to performance improvement, then a systematic approach to implementation and behavior change is required.
  • An effective implementation process requires characterization and mitigation of barriers to behavior change (BC). BC in this context may relate to any facet of clinical care or how your organization operates.
  • Implementation failure comes at a high cost: lost impact, employee fatigue, squandered effort, and financial penalty.

V&R provides end-to-end implementation support and training to middle-market and institutional-level clients in the healthcare and technology industries. Thank you to our partners at the Michigan Hospital Association Keystone Center for sponsoring this talk and working hard to deliver their mission of achieving the highest quality healthcare outcomes that meet individual values.

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