January 22, 2019 8:22AM

Technical Considerations for Growing Companies

What technical considerations must be strategically managed for an enterprise that anticipates significant growth?

The Vlasic & Roth LLC team and affiliated entities are well qualified to provide the leadership, guidance, and hands-on delivery of the technology infrastructure required when unifying the efforts of independent entities with combined annual sales well in excess or of $100M. Initial requirements may appear simple and easy to manage, however, our team’s extensive experience guiding organizations from a single site with small staff, through a complex vertically-integrated enterprise with transactional value in excess of $500M has shown that each and every consideration must be addressed early and reconsidered methodically as markets and business units evolve. V&R’s extensive experience has proven that the quality, scalability, and reliability of an IT infrastructure is a primary influencer on the market price multiple assigned for valuations and offers to purchase.

Technical Considerations

  1. Productivity, including Email and Calendar
  2. Mobile, Desktop, and Computer-based Telecommunications
  3. Provided and Supported Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Appliances
  4. Audio and Video Conferencing
  5. Synchronized and Secure File Access and Storage
  6. Internet Service (Portable and Fixed)
  7. Productivity Software (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.)
  8. Presentation Equipment (projection, monitors, tradeshow)
  9. Project Management (task management and internal/external coordination)
  10. Client Relationship Management Software (Agile, ACT, etc.)
  11. Scheduling Automation Service (in lieu of administrative staff)
  12. Contract Management Software (DocuSign, Adobe Acrobat, Salesforce, etc.)
  13. Website and Social (internal, external, content, advertising)
  14. Financial Software (QuickBooks, Dynamics, banking, ERP integration, payment processing)
  15. Specialty Software and Hardware (CAD/CAM, metrology, demonstration, lab)
  16. Backups (files, emails, connectivity, communications, equipment)
  17. Security (physical, software, video)
  18. Firewall and Network Switches (for physical offices)
  19. Print, Scan, Fax (personal, office, security, virtual)

Training and Support Considerations

  1. Onboarding of technologies (selection, negotiation, contracting, configuration, documentation)
  2. Technical support for individual users (establishing reasonable expectations and costs)
  3. Technical support for integrations with partners (what is shared, how is it shared, who pays)
  4. Development resources for custom or enhanced software (developing and maintaining IP)

Cost Considerations

  1. Subscriptions: Most applications and services are direct-billed on a per-user, per month basis
  2. CapEx: Often hardware is purchased new, however options for leasing and rental are favorable
  3. Support: Technical support for setup, training, customization, and ongoing break-fix is required

Drive outcomes and profitability through transformational technology implementations. Partner with V&R to represent board, executive leadership and investor interests in all aspects of technology selection, purchase, and utilization across the enterprise. Meet the needs of your business requirements, not what your vendor wants to sell your organization.

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