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Leaders in clinical and operational transformation. Partner with the V&R Healthcare Performance Improvement Team to implement new behaviors, processes, and technologies to thrive in a competitive healthcare environment.

it strategy & implementation

Drive outcomes and profitability through transformational technology implementations. Partner with V&R to represent board, executive leadership and investor interests in all aspects of technology selection, purchase, and utilization across the enterprise.

value & growth consulting

Systematically identify, prioritize, and address company-specific risks that are depressing value and obstructing long term sustainable growth. Comprehensive turnaround management for healthcare and technology verticals.

M&A Integration Services

Effective integration is the single most important factor that leads to a successful transaction. The V&R Integration Team brings a rigorous approach to your company's M&A activity pre-, during, and post-integration.

Customer Spotlight

Michigan Health Information Network

Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is pleased to announce a partnership with Dr. Jeff Vlasic and Michael Roth of Vlasic & Roth LLC to help with the commercialization of MiHIN’s successful technology and services. Michigan and MiHIN are recognized throughout the country as leaders in the exchange of health information through our statewide health information network. “We are pleased to have Dr. Vlasic and Michael Roth join the MiHIN team,” says Tim Pletcher, Executive Director, MiHIN. “Their hardcore technology execution and frontline clinical experience will not only enhance the growth and sustainability of the organization, but also guide us in executing operational excellence on all fronts.” Together, V&R and MiHIN will deliver high-impact change management and performance improvement initiatives for health systems, technology vendors, health information exchanges, and many others.


Implementation Excellence

The best-laid strategies of any organization are ineffective without proper implementation.



Success results from a systematic approach to implementation. The financial rewards justify the effort.



V&R delivers results for your most critical objectives while building a durable infrastructure for enhancing performance organization-wide.


Behavior Change

The final common pathway to performance improvement is behavior change.

Successful Operating Partner

V&R is an experienced operating partner of healthcare and technology middle-market companies. We don't just give advice, we share risk and stay on the leading edge through our active investment arm, Vlasic & Roth Capital LLC. We think like investors because we are investors. Knowing your company’s most likely exit channel is inseparable from building a strong growth strategy, optimizing valuation, and prioritizing performance improvement efforts. Vlasic & Roth Capital makes direct investments and serves as an operating partner for middle-market companies.

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